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Bethel Baptist Association

Someone asked me the other day, “What does Bethel Baptist Association do?” Well, let me try to answer that question. The reason I say “try” is because we do more than I can keep my mind around. The reason is that BBA ministries are not about what I can do but what we can do together. However, I will try to highlight as many of our ministries as I can in this article.

The number one thing that I am excited about is my opportunity to pray with many of our pastors each Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. We pray for revival, for one another and for our churches. The next ministry I would like to highlight is our CWJC ministries. We have a great team of ladies led by Jeanne Todd. Some examples of what this team has been doing: two mentors have met regularly with mereas (participants) since October—One merea will soon receive her diploma from Hannibal High School. Two merea alumna are in touch with mentors for increased support and encouragement. Classes resumed in January at New London’s A Hand Up Learning Center as three students continues GED preparation. Hannibal has one GED student. Bible study and prayer remain an important part of the CWJC classroom. Sessions. We rejoice that one of our students recently received Jesus as her Savior. Additionally, our churches help with loaves and fishes each month.

We have a new camp ministry team this year led by Milton Baumgardner. This prepares for and leads BBA in two weeks of camp at Camp Inlow. Each year we have 300 to 450 children, youth and staff in our camps that get a chance to come to know God or to draw closer to God. We see 10 to 20 attendees saved most years and lots of life changing decisions. We have a Camp Inlow ministry that hosts in addition to our two weeks of camp several other
churches, associations and family groups. We hear of many life changes and salvation decisions made within these groups. We have a disaster relief ministry that responds to disasters both locally and nation wide. Our DR chainsaw trailer and team is one of the best in the state. Again, we see some saved and we leave a N.T. with almost everyone we help. We have a construction team ministry that helps out associational churches with maintenance projects and building additions. This team works both nationwide and internationally. We have a church ministry team that helps with training and leading in VBS, Bible Drill, January Bible Study and Sunday School events. One Evangelism team goes to the Missouri State Fair each year for one day of sharing the gospel with fair attendees. We see 5 to 10 people saved and because you help support this state fair ministry we are seeing 50 to 100 people saved during the span of the state fair season.

Well, as I said, I can not cover all the ministries of BBA. Let me close by listing other ministries we do together. LOVE PACKAGES: Old literature delivered to Love Packages is used within this ministry to get the gospel out to people all over the world. We get monthly reports of people being saved through this ministry. This ministry is led by Charles Grubb and New Oakland assisting him. CHRISTMAS SHOE BOX MINISTRY: This ministry is led by Cheryl McGowan that also sees many boys and girls come to know Jesus. BBA PARTY TRAILER: This ministry helps BBA churches put on various events for the church and community. BBA VAN: This ministry helps all our churches with the Your Director of Missions oversees all of these ministries, and also participates and leads in some. In addition to that, I lead in the NE Region DOM event, Pastor/Wife Conference, our monthly meetings and DR Relief ministries.

Again, that is not all but I am stopping here. Remember , my purpose here was to try and answer the question: “What does Bethel Baptist Association do?” I hope you will help communicate in your church about Bethel Baptist Association ministries so that people will know our purpose, and what we accomplish.


I love serving Jesus and you as your DOM,